10 Ways to maintain your vehicle

1. Check fluid levels: Verifying your engine oil, coolant, transmission, brake, power steering and other underhood fluids only takes a few minutes and is an easy way to avoid major problems.

2. Verify tire pressures: Your tires are your contact with the road and you want them inflated properly to avoid uneven wear, maximize fuel economy and provide optimum traction at all time.

3. Inspect your brakes: When you’re carrying a full load, you want to be sure you can get stopped safely. Frequently check your brakes and replace them when they reach the minimum wear condition.

4. Check air filters: A clean air filter can go a long way toward reducing your fuel consumption and helping your engine run more smoothly. As a filter gets clogged, it can reduce the amount of air getting into your engine, reducing power and lowering fuel economy.

5. Inspect your gearbox and clutch: A regular inspection of your gearbox and verification that it is functioning properly can help you catch problems as they arise. You will also want to ensure that your clutch isn’t slipping, as this can affect reliability.

6. Check out your exterior lighting: A quick walk-around verification of your exterior lighting helps you catch burnt out bulbs and replace them before you hit the road.

7. Schedule Your Alignment As Needed:
Staying on top of your vehicle’s alignment is vital truck maintenance. When your truck or van is out of alignment, you’ll cause unnecessary tire wear, worse gas mileage and potential lack of control when steering.

8. Avoid driving over potholes and rough tracks: Potholes wreak havoc on your suspension, tyres and exhaust. The hard edges found on poorly-maintained roads can lead to sidewall bulges, tread separation and in some cases they can deflate tyres too.

9. Check your horn: It’s important to ensure your truck’s horn is functioning and clearly audible, in case you need to warn other drivers or pedestrians of any potential dangers.

10. Watch out for rust:
Watch for the first signs of rust forming and deal promptly with any damage to bodywork to prevent it from setting in.

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