HSE Policy Statement


The Management of A.G. Leventis (Nigeria) Limited is committed to maintaining and improving
the highest HEALTH, SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT standards throughout its organization.
This policy statement defines our commitment to our employees, partners, clients, stakeholders
and the environment. As a leading conglomerate in Nigeria, with real estate, sales and after-sales of
heavy and light duty trucks, fleet logistics solution, retail and assembling of trucks and buses as
its core business portfolio, A.G Leventis recognizes that all incidents are preventable and strives
for zero injury, damage to asset and harmful effects to the environment.


  • Meeting this commitment consistently is essential to the Company’s success and would be achieved by ensuring:
  • Line management at all levels take responsibility and place HSE at the top of their agenda.
  • Our business practices and service are aligned to our HSE policies and goals.
  • Continuous awareness of existing and emerging global health and safety issues among our
    employees and subcontractors through appropriate training programs and information
  • Inherent and anticipated risks to our operations and personnel are identified and mitigated in a timely manner.
  • We monitor the health of our personnel to ensure they have the physical ability to perform
    their duties safely.
  • We comply with all applicable HSE laws & regulations, as well as maintain a consistent
    and transparent dialogue with authorities, and other stakeholders, openly communicating
    our HSE policies, programs and performance.
  • The impact of our operation on the environment is minimized to the barest minimum.
  • We review and evaluate our HSE objectives and performance periodically and drive
    continuous improvement.

All levels of management and employees are expected to participate in and comply with HSE
initiatives and exercise individual responsibility for their own safety, the safety of others, and
protection of assets and environment.
A.G Leventis shall regularly review and improve this Policy and make same available in company
premises and operational areas and to interested stakeholders and the public.


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